What do event planners need to know as they begin to think about venues for next year’s meetings and events? EventPrep’s Denise Radcliff weighs in on planning for 2022.

Now that business travel is beginning to open up and people are becoming more comfortable with the prospect of meeting in person, venue spaces for 2021 and 2022 are filling up quickly. “While venues are scaling back up for business they need to be selective about which pieces of business to accept, balancing staffing needs while still providing the level of service expected by the client,” Radcliff said. “When looking at booking meetings for 2022, clients might think that hotels are eager for the business, so it’ll be easy to book, but the reality of supply and demand means it could be trickier than expected,” she added.

Here are some quick tips to consider:

Plan Ahead
Radcliff recommends beginning research and negotiations well in advance. “Clients who think about meetings in 2022 will have more options available to them if they begin negotiations as early as possible,” she said.

Be Flexible
Look at multiple dates as you begin to plan, remaining open to days/times that you may not have previously considered. This will result in more options and greater negotiating power.

Consult Experts When Necessary
A thorough review of contracts is more important than ever in the current landscape. Consulting a venue sourcing professional to ensure you understand the risks as properties have adjusted their contractual clauses to better protect themselves is more critical than ever.

Researching, negotiating and selecting the proper market and venue for your meeting can be a stressful, all-consuming task. Our team of professionals eases the burden by listening to your needs, making smart and well-researched recommendations, and leveraging our deep industry relationships and collective buying power to present the best options. We proactively advocate for your best interests and negotiate the most attractive contracts possible on your behalf. Learn more about how our services can save you time, money and anxiety by contacting us at info@eventprep.com