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Garrick Pang

Franchise Owner & Operator

Those who know Garrick know that he loves people.  He has spent his entire professional career serving others. Over the years, he has worked in the non-profit world as a speaker/presenter, fundraiser, manager and coordinator of events and programs as well several years as a Realtor® / Real Estate Broker.

Having been involved with planning, organizing, facilitating, managing and executing scores of events of all sizes over the past 3 decades, in late 2018, Garrick and his wife Anna made the decision move into the role of professional event planners as franchise owner/operators with EventPrep. Since then, they’ve planned more than 80 events across the country including mission for 20,000 people (moved to July 2021).

Garrick’s number biggest passion (besides his family) is SOCCER! He has competed on both the amateur and professional levels and his soccer has taken him to more than 20 countries around the world and he has been a part of leading and planning more than 40 international and domestic soccer tours and events.

Garrick has been married to Anna for 27 years and they have three sons.  Garrick’s other hobbies include golf, playing the saxophone and martial arts.

Having been “on the other side” for so many years as a speaker/presenter, planner and executor of events, I’m very familiar with the needs of groups and organizations running events. I know what makes events great as well as the “pain points” so our team can proactively assist you in getting what you need to make your event a success.

So, whether you’ve been managing your event on your own, in need of more support or planning a new event, we are looking forward to serving you and going the extra mile to make your event a TOTAL success!