Housing Management

Venue inventory management services can be the perfect solution for large or multi-property events. Event staff may be focused on a myriad of pre-event duties and may overlook this critical task. Room blocks that are not properly managed may present a high risk of attrition and/or penalties. As an outside entity, apart from the hotel, our EventPrep team is a dedicated resource to help groups maximize bookings in the room block and reduce financial risk, ultimately saving organizers time, money and anxiety.

Our Housing Management Services Include:

  • Housing website build and management
  • Real-time inventory management across multiple hotels
  • Data tracking and forward thinking analysis
  • Attrition management
  • Block and sub-block management

How You Benefit:

  • No surprises; working proactively to limit attrition risk
  • Protecting your financial interest by ensuring the hotel is contractually compliant
  • Attendees and exhibitors enjoy a worry-free, seamless experience 

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