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Brooklyn Cartwright

Franchise Owner & Operator

Prior to becoming an EventPrep independent franchise owner, Brooklyn Cartwright was a D-1 Collegiate Women’s Basketball Coach with over 7 years of operations, logistics and game management experience. Contracting hotels, coordinating travel & meals for the team, creating and adhering to tight budgets and detailed schedules was a daily norm for Brooklyn.

Ambitious and self-motivated, Brooklyn realized her passion for planning was not limited to the world of collegiate basketball, so she transitioned from basketball coach to entrepreneur and became an EventPrep franchisee.  She offers mastery of leadership and time management and has extensive experience in group and meeting planning.  Brooklyn possesses exceptional ability to consider past experiences, current situations, and possible future outcomes to determine optimal key decisions in fast-paced, high-pressured environments.

Brooklyn is professionally and personally dedicated to adopting best practices and proactively ensuring satisfaction and success. Highly competitive, full of energy, and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients to reach a positive result, Brooklyn has a natural knack for unforgettable customer service and total client satisfaction.

Brooklyn still has an intense passion for sports and loves coaching basketball in her free time. She also loves spending time with family & friends, travelling, and taking on new adventures. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management & Business from Georgia Southern University, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia by way of Dayton, Ohio. One quote that has been with Brooklyn throughout her journey is “You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give,” and that rings true in both her professional and personal life.