Though the year is off to a hopeful start with vaccinations ramping up around the world, the landscape of business and leisure travel is still very nebulous. As the months progress, travel will likely open up, but to what extent and under what circumstances remains uncertain. How can we, as meeting planners, work with our clients to plan future events that may require employees or attendees to travel? Here are 3 things to keep in mind as you tackle planning for the year ahead:

1. Think Different
The reality of the economy is that many industries are still struggling to rebound. As planning for meetings ramps up, it’s quite likely there will be greater budget constraints than in recent years, in addition to continued hesitancy to travel. Getting creative in choosing markets, venues and flexible event formats, as well as travel options to get there, is key. As one of our Venue Sourcing Specialists, Angie Spangler, said, “Get used to different.”

2. Pay Close Attention to Room Block Attrition
It will be more important than ever to negotiate with your selected venue, as attrition rates are likely to increase due to circumstances at hand. EventPrep services don’t stop once the contract is signed! We always gather pick-up reports and help to analyze the information. We work closely with your venue partners to ensure clarity and flexibility that works for both parties.

3. Offer a Myriad of Participation Opportunities
Attendee and employee health and safety is the ultimate goal at an in-person event. Arranging multiple, staggered, small group arrival events will help to avoid crowding. This system allows attendees to choose the travel and arrival times most convenient and comfortable for them. Even when all safety protocols are followed, there may be attendees who are simply not comfortable traveling to attend an event in person. Get creative in offering content and participation opportunities through virtual or hybrid formats.

EventPrep has been working with clients to reimagine their upcoming events; contact us to discuss your future event needs. We’re here to help!