‘Tis the Season!
Worried about planning your organization’s holiday gathering?
Our 3 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Celebration

It’s time to dive into planning your organization’s holiday celebration. Party planning always requires prepping for success, and this year the planning is still tricky. Some companies are still delaying large gatherings as employees might be hesitant to attend. It’s more important than ever for people to feel connected to one another as isolation has been so prevalent. Here are three quick tips for keeping everyone safe, connected and merry:

• Focus on Philanthropy
It is, after all, the season of giving. In lieu of a traditional party, plan a socially-distanced event with your favorite local charity. Arrange to wrap gifts or package meals – you can plan the activity in your office or choose a larger venue to allow for greater flexibility. Stagger the shifts if necessary, so there are fewer people at one time, and take pictures of every group to share at the end of the event.

• Go Virtual with a Twist
By now, everyone is tired of screen time and bored with the same old virtual social gatherings. Plan an interactive gathering where there is an activity that keeps everyone entertained. Whether it’s a surprise scavenger hunt with prizes or a creative activity where everyone is sent the materials beforehand – there are fun ways to mix it up, bring everyone together, and let your team know how much you appreciate them.

• Get Creative with In Person
Some companies feel that planning some type of in-person gathering is preferred to build morale and set the tone for a new chapter in 2022. They may feel that whatever the planning challenges and costs, it’s important to bring their people together. There are many ways to do this safely especially with respect to how food is presented and served. Beautifully packaged individual mini-servings, available for easy pick up at multiple locations throughout the venue minimize lines and crowding. This can be done with beverages as well as appetizers, main fare and desserts.

More than ever, this year is a great time to re-commit to your organization’s core values and remind your team that we are truly in this together. Contact us to learn more about how we can help plan your next meeting or gathering. Our venue sourcing and negotiation services are complimentary to you. Let’s plan a successful and stress-free event! info@eventprep.com