Between disruptions in the world’s supply chain as a result of the pandemic, the rising price of oil and gasoline, and the effects of global warming, recent price increases for food have caught the attention of consumers and event planners. Experts agree that these increases are here to stay for the foreseeable future. As event planners are gearing up to rebound and regain lost revenue, these cost increases are creating added stress. Here are three tips to help keep your food costs in check:

1. Bank on Brunch
Consider focusing on earlier meeting times in your schedule, planning for a breakfast or brunch menu, which allows for more inexpensive offerings. Get fun and festive to delight guests, like offering a specialty coffee or yogurt and granola bar.

2. Stick with Local
Make sure to request/select foods that are in season and locally-grown in the market where your meeting will be held. Not only will this help to negotiate great savings, but it will also support small businesses and reduce emissions by decreasing the travel needed.

3. Keep it Simple
Scale back the choices you offer – especially for the most expensive items – and fill in with greater options for less expensive items. Get creative with seasonal vegetables, for example, and make it known you are supporting local farmers, which will also impress your guests.

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