Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – has never been truer than in the event planning business. Unfortunately, Murphy seems to have an all-access pass to every event. Over the years, EventPrep has utilized its experience to design and implement proven systems and processes geared toward prevention. The idea is to understand where Murphy tried to flash his backstage pass and create preventive solutions to stop or at least mitigate his access at your next event.

As part of our post-event analysis, the EventPrep team conducts AARs – After Action Reviews. The AAR is essentially a methodology to measure the event’s success and identify opportunities for improvement – perhaps some that the client never even noticed. Exposing weaknesses, identifying their root cause, and creating solutions to avoid repetitive issues provides opportunities for improvement at the next event. As part of the post-event review, the EventPrep team conducts a SWOT analysis, analyzing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, in an honest evaluation of performance geared toward positive resolution. Each category and each component of the event is thoroughly analyzed with the client in a full, collaborative, and transparent effort.

Identifying the strengths and opportunities of an event is easy. But even more valuable is exposing the weaknesses.

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