Our 2021 Venue Outlook: Rebound and Recovery

As we prepare to mark the holidays in a year none of us could have anticipated, we look forward to welcoming a new year full of hope and possibility. The meetings industry, like so many others, is forever changed. It’s imperative to understand the hotel trends that will shape our future and to embrace the change that is coming. Here are three areas where progress is paramount:

1. Highly-Flexible Spaces
As a direct result of the pandemic, hotel properties have already begun reimagining spaces to new uses. The new-found creativity will continue to be a factor in the coming year as properties examine their footprints, repurposing space strategically for ancillary revenue sources. Venues that employ the most creative uses will be sure to attract more interest.

2. Smart Accommodations
Smart hotels are not new, but in the coming year it will be more important than ever for hotels to adopt the latest smart solutions. Properties should prepare to allow clients to control just about every aspect of their stay from a central device. From setting room temperature to reserving activities that will enhance the guest experience, venues that make these enhancements will see improvements in brand loyalty and expanded revenue streams.

3. Highly-Personalized Experience
More than ever, hoteliers are seeking to make clients more comfortable and to understand and satisfy their unique preferences. Gathering data plays an enormous role in the ability to deliver the ultimate experience. Though mining this data has been happening for years, the hospitality industry has yet to make substantial progress on truly personalizing the guest experience. It has become more imperative for this to be a priority as the industry seeks to rebound and maximize revenue.

In 2021, we look forward to continuing to work with our clients, researching and recommending venues for meetings, and leveraging our purchasing power on their behalf. We also look forward to growing our partnerships with properties and brands, as we watch our industry transform, recover and rise again. Contact us to learn more about our services and to discuss the benefits of partnership: info@eventprep.com