Ten Reasons to Partner with a Professional Event Planning Company (that also happens to be a Franchisor):

1. EventPrep is a Franchise. Franchisors face challenges that are unique to the franchise community. Geographically dispersed operations can often make you feel like you are herding cats when trying to get everybody on the same page. As Franchisors, EventPrep understands these challenges, and we’re experienced at helping franchise brands bring the team together and have amazing meetings.

2. EventPrep Enhances the Effectiveness of your Internal Team. Any internal team planning for a meeting or event has enough to worry about. Event planning is often an additional duty for an already overworked staff. Expertise from an EventPrep professional can help keep the content creation team on track and make sure the look and feel of the experience complements the overall message.

3. EventPrep Serves as Power Brokers. Who doesn’t love saving money and avoiding risk? Working with EventPrep will help you garner better rates and amenities. Our buying strength comes from the volume and depth of contracts we execute for our combined clients. Not to mention, as hotel contract specialists, we are highly focused on risk mitigation, ensuring you have the most favorable terms should the unexpected occur.

4. EventPrep Mitigates Risk. EventPrep will leverage their in-depth experience and industry connections to ensure you receive favorable Force Majeure, cancellation, and attrition clauses to protect your interests, particularly in a post-pandemic environment.

5. EventPrep is Innovative. Tired of the same results? We stay up to date on the latest trends and deliver innovative ideas to take your meeting or event to the next level. We are exposed to thousands of events from across several different industries, so our clients benefit from our collective experience, company-wide collaboration, and brainstorming.

6. EventPrep Maintains Continuity and Provides Scalability. Complex, simultaneous events can be overwhelming for an in-house team. Accommodating time off needs or emergencies can be challenging. Augmenting your team with an EventPrep professional will ensure continuity and coverage in the thick of your project.

7. EventPrep has Greater Access to Event Technology. Finding the best and most current technology solutions for event marketing, attendee registration and virtual platforms can be time consuming. EventPrep has access to all the latest technology – from attendee management and registration to mobile apps and attendee tracking – to create the greatest engagement for your audience.

Together, let’s plan a successful and stress-free event! Contact us at info@eventprep.com