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Dayana Higgins

Franchise Owner & Operator

Dayana’s extensive background in hospitality allows her to bring her client’s wishes to life. As an EventPrep owner / operator, Dayana is dedicated to helping her customers unlock the full potential of their events, turning them into memorable happenings.

Raised in Miami, Florida, Dayana currently resides in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey with her family. Her eclectic career portfolio has enabled her to gain invaluable experience organizing events for a wide variety of clients and industries. In addition to being well-versed in hospitality and event planning, Dayana also works with clients in the entertainment, fashion, technology, travel, sports, and education industries.

Dayana’s incredibly kaleidoscopic career also provides the opportunity for extensive international travel. Visiting 22 countries has provided Dayana the opportunity to learn valuable lessons from people of all walks of life and from many different cultures. Each experience enriched her deeply, and she continually works to expand her wealth of knowledge and empathy for others, longing to keep expanding her horizons, physically and metaphorically.

 As part of the opening team for the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel,  Dayana learned the in’s and out of luxury hospitality, making her a natural when it comes to planning and delivering high-end / luxurious events. She is a master at handling business relationships, professional liaisons, and high-profile individuals and VIPs.

 Because Dayana’s experience led her to gain a broader perspective on life and work, she works with purpose and dedication with everything she does. She believes that working with a focused, goal-oriented mindset isn’t something that benefits herself alone, but the community as a whole. As a businesswoman and franchise owner, she is dedicated to achieving success by making a positive difference in the community and beyond. Through her event planning expertise, she has helped countless people and organizations tell their stories through amazing events and create lasting memories and experiences that would be treasured for many years to come. Her approach to event planning is meticulous and precise, as she doesn’t leave anything to chance. From securing the most suitable venue for an event, down to crafting solid contracts and negotiating the best terms in the interest of her clients, anything goes.

As a former consultant in the financial industry, Dayana can also help her clients with great budgeting strategies in order to maximize the cost-effectiveness of their event without making any compromise in terms of excellence and quality.

Always looking for new opportunities to learn new skills and expand her horizons, Dayana is a person who values creativity, curiosity, and passion for what she does. She is always on the lookout, and she’s keen on exploring her interests and develop her mind over topics that she is deeply interested in.

Angela Spangler
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Louis Fitzgerald

Director of Client Relations

Louis joined the hospitality industry in 2008 upon graduating from Florida Atlantic University. He believes any live event is the telling of a story, so he considers himself a storyteller and he wants to make sure that impact lives on long after the event is over. Louis approach event planning with fierceness, passion, and an unwavering dedication to his mission. He is an accomplished, results-driven client relations director, with proven abilities in conference development, implementation and management. Louis is 100% dedicated to his clients’ needs and complete satisfaction. He is reminded daily of how impactful the services of EventPrep have been to the organizations He and Dayana have partnered with since the beginning.

An avid travel enthusiast, Louis currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida. He has traveled to 4 continents including Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. Louis has a passion and desire to visit all 7 continents of the world and as many countries as he can. he loves spending times in the Caribbean and some of his favorite places there are the islands of Bimini, Barbados, St. Marteen and Aruba to name a few. He is a former Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer with a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance & a Certificate in Leadership from Nova South Eastern University, and an Undergraduate degree in Business Management with a concentration in Hospitality.

“Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.”
– Warren Buffet